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Since Arizona is my home base, this has the majority of visits. These trips go between solely adventures and photo trips. There are so many different qualities to Arizona’s landscapes and the options are endless. Even though I have seen so many different parts of Arizona already, I am hoping to see some of the other majestic and beautiful places of Arizona soon.

Being so close to California (which is literally across our lake), we have to have made trips to California. I’ve gotten some fine art photos from there but there are some places that I would much rather revisit and get with a fresh eye. The areas by the ocean are so captivating and can really leave so much to capture with the right setting.

One of the next closest areas to my home base is Las Vegas, NV. Although this has mainly been a “shopping” trip and urban photo visit, more recently I’ve seen some other areas that I would love to get more fine art photos such as Red Rock on the outskirts of Vegas.

Texas is one of my most memorable trips on the way to Tennessee. We stopped in Amarillo, TX and got to see Cadillac Ranch and see some of the amazing landscapes around there. Although I didn’t get as much time there as I wanted, it left a mark & has sparked something in me to want to visit again.

This was one of my first ‘big’ trips as a landscape photographer. The wide open fields and mountainous areas near Glacier National Park captivated me. Seeing the Glacier Water and planning what to see when there are so many places to see was overwhelming to say the least, but it was so worth it. I hope to revisit Glacier at some point and maybe get some other landscape photos with a fresh eye.

Before visiting Oklahoma I heard people say that there isn’t much to see in Oklahoma and that it’s all just flat. This completely downplays the beauty that Oklahoma offers! When we crossed the line into Oklahoma and started seeing the rolling grass hills, I couldn’t believe the kind of green of the grass hills and how beautiful it actually was. Stillwater was the perfect small town to visit also being that it allowed me to focus more what was around me instead of the activities. Another area that I would much prefer visiting again and seeing more of it rather than the little bit we got to see just passing through on the way to Tennessee.

Tennessee is one of my most memorable trips, by far! I had a burning passion to visit the trees and landscapes of Tennessee while I was planning my first big trip there. Upon research, I realized how many areas that I wanted to see and how desperately I needed to dwindle down that list because of how much time I had to get photos. The places that I did see were like that of a fairytale! I want to plan more trips and time to see the other things in my list.

During this trip we got to see the top part of Mississippi and got to stay in Arkansas. The surrounding areas are just as beautiful. I’d say the parts that I only get to see while passing through intrigue me more to want to revisit.

This is one of the most missed opportunities that I still kick myself over. I have family that lives in Florida and, for a while, I was able to visit for a month at a time. In those months, I didn’t make the time to visit the beautiful white sand beaches of Florida. This is one thing that has now become a pestering goal in the best way haha I will find a way to get to the beaches of Florida to get photos of the ocean and experience what everybody can’t get enough of there.

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